On Climbing to the Top

After several struggles and falls, I managed myself to climb up to the top of the pyramid. It was not an actual pyramid but it was a pyramid- structured jungle gym located in a public playground of Union City, California. It is a colorful structure build of ropes and steel poles. The structure is not very tall but tall enough to see the nearby hills, some parts of the city and people walking to and fro. Seeing these views while sitting on the top felt good.

I also looked down at the people who were climbing the structure. For some, climbing was natural. Some struggled while they are climbing but managed to get to the top after falling and learning, some used shortcuts, some gave up half way, and some are scared even to climb. At times, some were willing to give their hands to the ones who are struggling.

This reminded me of our own lives. People try different ways to gain success in their lives, like how people differently climbed the structure. Some people are conventional, some are creative, some are hesitant, and some are diligent. Some work together and some are selfish. But all want the same thing: to be on the top.

Being on the top was not easy too. As other people were climbing, their movements sometimes shook the structure. One on the top has to hold the rope tightly so that they don’t fall down. Getting a good grip once you are on top is necessary too.

However, for me, the most important thing about climbing is not getting to the top. It’s not about where I am; it’s about what I have learned through the process. I may have fallen several times and will fall more. I may have bruised and scarred. I may have had tears and laughers. But I believe that after falling, it makes me stronger to climb again.



2 thoughts on “On Climbing to the Top

  1. Geez, sounds too much trouble.
    I am gonna talk the mayor in to install a slick new elevator next time I am in town.

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