Living in White

My roommate, Alyssa posing for the picture ©2014. All rights Reserved. Kyawt Thiri Nyunt.


One evening, me and my roommate, Alyssa, walked back from class after giving a long presentation. It was a beautiful day; a Californian spring at its finest, bringing beautiful flowers all around my college’s campus. As we walked, we saw some red flowers (which I can’t name) blooming in the courtyard behind our dorm. Seeing them, something popped up in my mind and I asked my roommate, “Will you be my model for today?” A good friend as she is, “Yes,” she said, without hesitation. We picked some flowers an, rushed back to the room, and this is how this picture happened.

The setting of the picture is my own bed. I took away my bright pink bed sheets to keep the background clean white. The sun was shining brightly yet mildly at its golden hour, creating a very good light source for the picture. Since I don’t own a reflector, I added some white papers to reflect the light. The white sheets and the white walls were also acting as a good fill lights for the picture. Then, I tired to spread the flowers around and made my friend wear a red lipstick to match the flowers. As a tripod, I stacked up some books to raise the camera higher but steady and we were ready to shoot.

I liked the way it turned out and it made my day after long classes. I found it a bit funny that I was using random things like books and white papers as my equipment for the shooting. After the shooting, I told myself, “I should get a tripod.”



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